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» » BaitBuddies - Nicko Morales & Devin Adams

BaitBuddies - Nicko Morales & Devin Adams

BaitBuddies - Nicko Morales & Devin Adams

BaitBuddies - Nicko Morales & Devin Adams

Nicko comes in with the straight macho Latino boy ''all business'' attitude. Caruso gets him stripped down and we get to see just what this 'rough around the edges' dude was hiding. And that's a beefy, hairy, manly body with a big uncut cock. After jacking their 8 inch cocks for a while and showing off their butts, Caruso breaks the news - no girls - no money...unless they're willing to hook up with each other. Of course Mr. Macho won't have any of it until Caruso talks him down and waves all that potential money in his face. Next thing you know Nicko is making out with our Bait boy like they've been dating for a few months. And, within a half hour Nicko's receives and gives his first blow job and has his cock up a boy's butt, and he really must be into it because he gets very verbal with Devin ''You like my cock?'' and all that shit. The best part is Nicko's orgasm. First, he's all sweaty - and who doesn't like a hot sweaty, straight Latino dude - and jacking that uncut meat for all he's worth. His cock starts pulsing and the cum is shooting up onto his belly and he's moaning and his body starts undulating...this dude is having a full body orgasm. Caruso just lets the camera run - it seems to go on forever. The guy can't catch his breath - his cock is dry pulsing and his body and head keeps jerking. He slowly comes down from that high, but he just can't talk. After an experience like that, as we said at the'll be seeing a lot more of this guy around.

File Name : BaitBuddies - Nicko Morales & Devin Adams
Runtime : 33mn 22s
File Size : 477 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Audio Codec : AAC LC

BaitBuddies - Nicko Morales & Devin Adams

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