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» » STR8Hell - Peter Uman - SPANKING

STR8Hell - Peter Uman - SPANKING

STR8Hell - Peter Uman - SPANKING

STR8Hell - Peter Uman - SPANKING

Peter Uman is shackled and gagged as he lays on his belly, on the sofa. His tormentor arrives and starts to slap on Peter's back. Then he pulls the underwear up into Peter's crack and spanks on his sexy ass. The underwear is pulled down and the head hands keeps spanking on the ass cheeks. The a riding crop is used on that ass, making Peter moan as he feels it. That sexy ass gets more spanking and then Peter is moved onto his knees for the riding crop to beat his ass again. The heavy hands spank that ass and then spread the cheeks to show off Peter's hairy hole. A finger rubs teasingly over the hole. Then more spanking on that ass before Peter is turned over, legs in the air to expose his sexy ass. The cheeks are spanked as his tight hole is on show. Peter is then relased from his shackles and he sits on the sofa, cock in hand as his nipples are tugged. he wanks his cock until he shoots his cum onto his sexy body.

File Name : STR8Hell - Peter Uman - SPANKING
Runtime : 20mn 38s
File Size : 604 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Audio Codec : AAC LC

STR8Hell - Peter Uman - SPANKING

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