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» » KristenBjorn - The Pianist - Dani Robles & Ely Chaim

KristenBjorn - The Pianist - Dani Robles & Ely Chaim

KristenBjorn - The Pianist - Dani Robles & Ely Chaim

KristenBjorn - The Pianist - Dani Robles & Ely Chaim

Ely Chaim is rehearsing for an up-coming concert and awakens his lover, Dani Robles with his wondrous melody. Danny comes to the piano and desires to pleasure Ely as he has pleasured him with his music. Dani takes Elys hard, long cock shaft into his mouth and down his throat. Ely taunts and teases Dani by slapping his cock on his lips and tongue, popping his cock in and out of his starving mouth and then back in for the pleasures of that he brings to his cock. Dani is flipped on his back onto the piano bench as Ely begins to lavish his hairy ass with his probing tongue. Ely flips Dani again and this time he is coming from behind as his hard cock slips deep within Danis hungry ass. With every thrust of Elys cock, Danis cock appears to grow even harder. With Danis cock straining so much, Ely decides to put him in charge of the fucking and has Dani squat down on his cock and fuck himself. Dani is flipped onto his back, his legs spread wide open and Ely comes in to fill his lovers hairy ass with his throbbing cock. Our lovers know exactly how to heighten the others pleasure thresholds with Danis furry ass milking Elys cock for all he can get and Elys cock massaging Danis ass with each deep thrust. With all this stimulation and pleasure occurring it is no wonder that Danis cock has reached its zenith and erupts with a huge load of cum that splatters his furry torso. Ely continues fucking Danis ass as the lost drops of cum fall from his cock. The heat of Danis ass and the visual of his cum glistening on his body provokes Elys creamy load of cum to evenly coat that wet, furry hole. Ely begins to tease Danis ass with the glossy head of his cock, sliding it ever so gently in and out of him, before coming into one another with their kisses.

File Name : KristenBjorn - The Pianist - Dani Robles & Ely Chaim
Runtime : 19mn 13s
File Size : 838 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Audio Codec : AAC LC

KristenBjorn - The Pianist - Dani Robles & Ely Chaim

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