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» » Helix - Josh Brady & Corbin Colby - Brady Bottoms

Helix - Josh Brady & Corbin Colby - Brady Bottoms

Helix - Josh Brady & Corbin Colby - Brady Bottoms

Helix - Josh Brady & Corbin Colby - Brady Bottoms

This is the Holy Grail folks, the scene youve all been wanting for ages! Uber top Josh Brady bottoms right here! And, not just with anyone, weve paired his virgin pucker with cock king Corbin Colby! The scene stars off as youd expect, Brady and his boner inducing top man bravado on top of his prey making out. However, Colby is more cock sure that his usual conquests and he is definitely not about to lay down on the job. Corbin pushes Brady back, pulling at his undies to get at Joshs jock like a competition cock eater! Brady slides his manly hands into Colbys caboose which is clad is a jack-off worthy jockstrap. Corbin is blessed at both ends. The hunk has a huge hog and one HELL of an amazing ass! Josh jams his entire face AND a few fingers inside the studs hind end while keeping Colby in the jock strap. #HOT -Corbin is comfortable giving AND getting, and as we know, Brady is always ready to deliver. After Corbin reaches back to lend some saliva, Josh jams his giant Johnson inside the hunks hot hole. Our cock cam catches Colbys colossal cock and balls banging around underneath the naughty deed as Brady brings a bionic, bareback booty pounding. Out of breath from the big bang but still horny as hell, Colby leans back and orders up a salacious suck job from Josh who gives the guys general a full saliva salute. Corbins gettin cocky now (and we love it.) He orders Brady to put his booty in his face. Josh sits right down on his buddys darting tongue while continuing to work the big rig at the other end in a succulent 69 session. Much to Corbins (and our) surprise, Brady is LOVING his butt getting tongue banged; so, cocky Colby takes it to the next level offering Josh a seat on his super sized schlong. Josh slowly slides his meaty muscly booty down on the humongous hog but QUICKLY gets to bouncing ALL the way down to the balls. HARD, and for some time! Josh kisses Colby as his top man tendencies kick back in and he suggest Corbin take a raw ride as well. Colby is definitely down for more dicking and looks sexy as fuck getting nailed as his huge hard on hops around. Colby isnt only GETTING fucked, hes also knowingly mind fucking Mr. Top in the process. He spins around and tells Josh to give him that ass once more. Josh braces himself on all fours and gets his hot ass handed to him as Colbys low hangers hit his hiney with every hard thrust! Corbin may have caused a change in Brady as the hunk hollers for him to go even harder! Just then, Brady busts, blowing buckets of nut everywhere as Colby is still cocking his twitching corn hole. Corbin cant hold it in any longer and lets his lusty load loose in Bradys beautifully smooth muscle butt crack. He spreads the tasty treat around the smooth surface and then Josh lets him know, that was pretty fucking great. We couldnt agree more Mr. Brady.

File Name : Helix - Josh Brady & Corbin Colby - Brady Bottoms
Runtime : 38mn 50s
File Size : 1.41 GiB
Resolution : 1920x1080
Audio Codec : AAC LC

Helix - Josh Brady & Corbin Colby - Brady Bottoms

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