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» » Str8Hell - Laco Meido - MILKING MEN

Str8Hell - Laco Meido - MILKING MEN

Str8Hell - Laco Meido - MILKING MEN

Str8Hell - Laco Meido - MILKING MEN

Sexy str8 guy Laco Meido is shackled to the cross in just his jock strap. He is trying to free himself when his tormentor arrives. The tormentor uses some rope to tie Laco's legs as well. Then he starts to feel Laco's cock in the jock strap and his body too. He ties the arms as well before turning his attention more fully to that cock. He cuts open the jock strap and uses a vibrator on Laco's dick, making it very hard indeed. He wanks that big cock, taking Laco right to the edge. Then the cock and balls are tied as well. Clothes pins are attached to Laco's nipples too before he is laid down, with his ass hole exposed. The vibrator rubs over his cocka and then his ass hole too. After more wanking a dildo on a pole is shoved into that hot ass, stretching the hole. Then Laco is wanked again, this time he is allowed to cum and the hot cream is milked from his throbbing cock.

File Name : Str8Hell - Laco Meido - MILKING MEN
Runtime : 24mn 1s
File Size : 360 MB
Resolution : 970x546
Audio Codec : AAC LC

Str8Hell - Laco Meido - MILKING MEN

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