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» » WH - Jaro and Milan RAW - FULL CONTACT

WH - Jaro and Milan RAW - FULL CONTACT

WH - Jaro and Milan RAW - FULL CONTACT

WH - Jaro and Milan RAW - FULL CONTACT

Milan Zrzek is looking for a new apartment. He has a viewing arranged and turns up to meet Jaro Grygar who will show him an apartment. As Jaro explains the facilities they walk around. Then Milan checks out the view from the window and they discuss the rental cost. It seems that Milan wants it cheaper, but is interested in the additional services offered for the price. Jaro helps him off with his shirt and then Milan sits and they kiss. Jaro takes his shirt off too and then they start to open their jeans. Milan's cock is already rock hard. It is a real big dick and Jaro is quickly sucking on it. His mouth closes over the thick shaft and sucks real good. Then he lowers his jeans too, and his cock is also rock hard. Milan leans over and starts to suck on it. They take turns sucking on each other's throbbing cocks, with Jaro standing, his massive dick poking out in front. Then Milan stands too and Jaro drops down to suck some more. With those massive dicks rock hard they each enjoy the other's wood. Then Jaro gets in position so that Milan can slide his cock deep into that sexy ass. He really pounds away at that hole, his big cock taking long strokes. Jaro moans with each deep thrust. He takes it very well and is soon sitting on that massive dick, riding up and down on it. As he works his ass over that cock his own dick is wanked by Milan. Who also manages to suck on it as well. That cock is huge Milan really works it as he rams his dick into Jaro's hot hole. As he holds his ass in place and wanks himself Jaro feels Milan's dick really working his ass. He gets a good hard fucking as he wanks himself to a big, creamy load. Then he lays down, with Milan standing to continue fucking that eager hole. Milan fucks that ass with long, deep strokes until he is ready to blow too. He pulls out and shoots his cum over Jaro's leg. All spent they share some more kisses after a really hot time.

File Name : WH - Jaro and Milan RAW - FULL CONTACT
Runtime : 24mn 39s
File Size : 460 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Audio Codec : WMA2

WH - Jaro and Milan RAW - FULL CONTACT

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