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» » Poor straight Carl.

Poor straight Carl.

Poor straight Carl.

Cast: Carl

Video language: English

Poor straight Carl. He thought he was going to have sex with a girl for the very first time - then he found out that his internet girlfriend was actually me. I've already his precious hole - but now I'm going to milk some spunk out of him too.
I enjoy Carl's company a lot more after I've taped his stupid mouth shut so he can't protest. I like him so much, in fact, that I decide he's going to be my boyfriend for now - willing or not.
I grab his face close to mine and kiss him through his gag, sticking my tongue in his ear and licking his cheek as he cringes away from my attentions in disgust... Having a man do this to him seems to be worse than any of the pain he's endured so far.
Carl looks down in horror as I chew one of his nipples and lovingly kiss his smooth chest before working my way down to his flaccid cock. But Carl's teenage dick has a mind of its own - after I slide his foreskin back and play with the head, it's not long before it's achingly hard in my hand. Ignoring his struggling, I vigorously wank him off, as well as teasing his cock with my tongue and sucking the head - giving him more pleasure than he's ever had in his life.
Soon, the helpless lad is at the point of no return - and with no control whatsoever over his virgin cock, he shoots his hot spunk all over my hand. I my fingers over the sensitive head of his dick, enjoying the way he flinches, before viciously ripping off his gag and bringing my glistening fingers up to his face.
Carl visibly gags at the smell of his own semen, but when I wrench his mouth open and shove my slimy cum dripping fingers down his throat, he almost pukes. I make him lick every last drop of spunk off my hand, smearing it all into his mouth as he retches and gags in horror.
To complete Carl's humiliation, I grab my camera and take a few snaps to preserve the image forever - the naked boy with his spent cock, trembling in anger, his face smeared with his own cum. It'll be a long time before Carl looks for love online again after these photos hit FaceSpace...

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 14:05

Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 1570kbps

Audio: 62kbps

Poor straight Carl. Poor straight Carl.
Poor straight Carl. Poor straight Carl.

Poor straight Carl.
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Poor straight Carl.

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